I must come across as a very approachable person. Every time I leave the house with the twins, at least one total stranger will approach me and ask a very personal, somewhat impertinent question. Below are some of the best, or worst, depending how you look at it. Keep in mind these are strangers approaching me in public places!

Are they natural twins?

I quickly realized that the real question here is did you conceive these kids the old fashioned way or were they created in a lab. Now, I don’t make it a habit of asking complete strangers for the stories of their children’s conception, so I find this a very strange question. Luckily, I’ve hit upon a great response. I don’t answer yes or no; I simply say with a smile, “My mom is a twin.” This reply completely satisfies the questioner, who inevitably responds, “So twins run in your family.” It, somehow, makes them look at Avery and Lily as if they are more authentic twins than if I had done IVF. What an interesting issue for our day and age!

Are you breastfeeding them?

Wow, is this ever a hot button issue!! What I love is the reaction when I say that the babies take formula. It’s always, “but they look so health!” It’s Similac folks, not arsenic. I do not intend to debate the benefits of nursing, but to think that baby formula is somehow damaging to a child is just nonsense. Avery and Lily are 8 months old and have never been sick. NEVER.  A few months ago, I caught a raging stomach virus. Noel came down with it the next day, and my mom got it two days later since she had been over to help us. Neither baby caught it. They are above the 30th percentile in size on the full term growth scale, not the preemie growth scale! As far as breastfed babies being more intelligent than formula fed babies, well, I think it has more to do with the mom’s brain than her breasts. Anyway, I’m not out to dissuade anyone from nursing or to seek validation because my babies take formula. I just wish people would get fired up about real issues instead of creating new ones.

Did you have a C-section?

Come on people. Why would you ask a total stranger about anything below their belly button and above their knees?

Is that one a boy?

For some reason, people have the idea that all sets of twins are boy/girl. Well, they’re not. Both of mine are girls. My grandma, Momaw, told me that girl/girl fraternal twins are the most common. I don’t know how reliable a source she is, but she seemed sure of herself. It’s funny to see how disappointed these strangers are that I have two of a kind instead of one of each! Noel and I have agreed to just say yes, and allow them to think that one of the babies is a boy. What difference does it make? 8 month olds don’t really look like boys or girls. They’re just babies!

Is it hard work?

Really? Really? Nope, it’s a breeze. Actually, I’ve started saying that it’s not hard work at all just to see the look on people’s faces. Maybe I’m mean, but it just seems like a very ridiculous question.

Are you tired?

I figure that at least 97.325% of the world is tired at all times. Honestly, who isn’t tired? I’ve been tired since the 7th grade except for my sophomore year of college, which was pretty easy. Yes, I am tired.  I have TWO babies; if I were not tired that would mean I wasn’t doing my job!

Are you doing anything to prevent getting pregnant?

This is for real! I have been asked this question by two different people, one a complete stranger and the other my facialist. I know they both meant it humorously, but give me a break!


Well, I guess people see me and the babies, and think to themselves, “There’s a woman with answers! Let me go ask her some questions.” It’s good to appear friendly, and I do enjoy it when my babies are admired! So, go ahead folks. If you see me pushing my double stroller, walk up and ask me anything!

2 thoughts on “Questions

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask you all these things. 😉 Surprisingly, I haven’t gotten very many questions about Tommy (you know me being white and him being black and all). But I’m sure that they are coming!

  2. I read a comment the other day that said something like: “The next time a stranger speaks to me without reason, I will look astonished and say ‘You can see me?'” I hope you will do that!

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