Preschool Strong

Lily. feeling poorlyI thought we were strong. Noel, Avery, Lily, and me, we’re all fighters, scrappers. We’re used car dealers, the lot of us. Tough as nails! These kids were born 2 months early and have been the picture of health since they took their first breath. Noel is an Army veteran, tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, was stationed in S. Korea by the DMZ. I’ve survived brain surgery and a twin pregnancy! BOOM!!

I was wrong. We’re not strong, not preschool strong. 5 days in preschool, and we’ve hit the mat. In our home right now, we’ve got pink eye, snotty noses, coughs, fevers, and vomiting. All four of us have some combo of the above symptoms. Preschool has brought us to our knees. There’s quarantine tape around our house. We’ve been to Walgreens every day this week.

I thought nothing could knock us out, but I was so, so very wrong. Preschool did it. TKO. Our gloves are still on though. Our gloves are still on.

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