Twins seem to have a knack for developing their own culture.  Avery and Lily have words they’ve made up for random stuff that they just use between themselves.  When talking to someone else, they’ll use the English word, of course, but to each other they use their own word. For example, dish washing soap, in their language, is something like “stick-ee-a-gwaba.” Please forgive my spelling, I’m working phonetically here.  They know it’s soap, but to each other it’s “stick-ee-a-gwaba.” They also have languages called Ha-Ba and Go-Gee.  They’re two separate languages, each consisting of only one word (the name of said language), simply pronounced with varying inflection in order to convey meaning. I am forbidden to speak either language but am asked as to whether or not I like said languages.

Their newest invention is a nonstandard method for counting on their fingers. It’s definitely a blend of the American and European styles, but I’m baffled as to how they came up with it. Avery obliged me with a demo during breakfast this morning.

Thus far, when I demonstrate the standard technique of the index finger as one, they completely reject it. I can’t help but wonder at what point they will conform to the culture around them.  I love that they have their own special world, even though I’m excluded from it. I imagine it’s a comfort to have that level of connection with another person from the very first moment of consciousness.  I know the day will come when something or someone will come between them, but I trust that their bond is strong enough to withstand it. For now, I enjoy watching them play in the world of their own making.

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