A Good Life

There’s no way to say it without sounding cliche, but they really do grow up so fast.  Avery and Lily are not even three months into the school year, and I feel like they’re more grown up each day at 3 PM when I pick them up than at 8 AM when I dropped them off. They’re still my same girls, but in a way I know them better than ever.  They’ve always been expressive, but they’re better able to express themselves every day.  With a twinge of sadness, I see some of their secret twin world dissolving.  Gone are the days of the “Ha-Ba” language, and Stick-ee-a-gwaba is only uttered occasionally.  They recently abandoned their unique finger counting system, and now they indicate number one with their index fingers rather than thumbs.  I knew the day would come, but I had no idea how soon it would arrive.  What thrills my heart though is to see their love for each other deepen and grow.

Their school has a policy that twins are placed in separate classes.  As the school year approached, I wondered just how the girls would react.  They’d never spent more than a couple of hours apart in their whole lives.  They sleep in the same bed; sometimes they feed each other; they even shampoo each other’s hair!  I’d post a pic of that, but they’d kill me when they’re older!! On the first day of school, there were tears.  By the second day, they cheerfully hugged and kissed and proceeded to their own classes.  Each morning when I drop them off, they hug, kiss, and say “I love you, Sister.”  Their classes share playground time together most days.  Their teachers report that when they seen one another, they run to each other, give hugs, and then clasp hands and run around the playground.  I love imagining that picture.  During our drive home, they compare daily activities and discuss mutual friends.  Gossip sure starts early in life!!  It’s great to seem them interacting with other kids but still returning to the safety of their bond.

We enjoy Sunday lunch with Grandpa and Uncle Danny every week.  Lily and Avery look forward to that time so much.  Most mornings they tell me they dreamt about either Grandpa or Uncle Dany or both!   A few weeks ago, as we were all digging in, Lily looked up and said, “It’s a good life.”  I couldn’t agree more.

4 thoughts on “A Good Life

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  3. Hi Rebecak, how are you? I didn’t get any reply from you, just wondering if I type in my email address wrong, so I send this message and my email address again…Hope you and your girls doing wonderful!

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