Is today my birthday? Yes! Today is Saturday!

My great grandmother would play a record for us that had this song that taught you the days of the week. It was super repetitive, which is probably why all of my family still sings it decades later. This little boy would ask his mom, “Is today my birthday?” and she’d say, “No, today is Monday,” and he’d reply, “Monday?” and she’d answer, “Monday.” Then they’d move on to Tuesday, and so on and so forth. Apparently the kid’s birthday was on Saturday, so when they got to Saturday we were all relieve for this poor kid who just wanted it to be his birthday so badly. Well, today is my birthday, and it’s Saturday.

I absolutely love watching Avery and Lily playing on their own. It’s so funny how kids just get into their own little worlds and do weird stuff. I sat at my desk this morning and snapped these pictures of them at play.

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