Operation: Grandma’s House

Avery and Lily are 19 months old! They look more like kids than babies. I was telling a friend yesterday that time has gone by so fast, yet I cannot seem to remember ever not having my girls. It’s probably a sign that I’m getting old! Lily rides her little bike at break neck speed, loudly declaring “Beep Beep!” Avery talks to me all day. Her favorite phrases are: “Stop it,Duey (that’s what she calls Lily),  Oh Wow!, Oh My!, and Hot Dog!

My girls are going to spend 9 days with their grandma at her beautiful home in Texarkana, which requires a 6 hour drive each way. Preparing them for this has been like preparing for a military operation. I started writing a packing list last week and decided to share it. All number values are totals, not per child. One must think of these things when packing for twins.

8 Onesies

4 Pairs of Shorts

4 Dresses/Outfits

4 Pairs of Socks

4 Pairs of Shoes

2 Bonnets (Gotta protect those complexions)

4 Loveys (2 in car, 2 in suitcase)

2 Pacifier Teddy Bears (actually one is a bear and the other a kitty)

2 Back up Pacifiers

6 books (take in car)

2 Leap Frog Violet the Dogs (take in car)

2 Snack Cups (take in car)

4 Sippy Cups (2 in car, 2 in suitcase)

2 Sippy Cup Straps (take in car)

4 Bibs

2 Cloth Bibs

20 or more Diapers (in the car)

80 Diapers (packed)

20 or more Night Diapers

1 Bag of Baby Wipes

1 or more Leap Frog DVD

2 Bikes

1 Pack n Play

1 Box Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal in Warm Cinnamon flavor (Avery is a little picky about her Kashi)

1 Box Raisins

1 Baby Shampoo

1 Baby Conditioner (Lily’s curls require it)

2 Towels

2 Toothbrushes

1 Baby Toothpaste

1 Baby Lotion

4 Hair Clips

1 Wide Tooth Comb (For Lily’s curls)

1 Fine Tooth Comb (For Avery’s straight tresses)

1 Bottle of Detangling Hair Spray

1 First Aid Kit (Actually contains every OTC baby medicine on the market)

1 Emergency Info Folder (This may seem paranoid since they’re just going to Grandma’s house, but I made an info sheet for each child with a large photo of her, in case the unthinkable were to happen)

So there’s my list! I probably will forget some crucial item, but that’s why the Good Lord  invented Target.

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