Welcome to the Jungle

We attended the first birthday party of Avery and Lily’s BFF, Penelope. Penelope is basically a rock star. Not only does she have the coolest toys, she started walking at 8 months old. Actually, I think she walked out of the womb. Avery and Lily really dig hanging out with her, especially since she always has good food. At her party yesterday, I was enjoying some of the brisket her dad Nate had made. As soon as Lily and Avery caught a whiff, they started mauling me like wild hyenas. I got them a plate of the delicious and nutritious kids’ food that Penelope’s mom Stacie had prepared. When I put the plate in between them on the floor, Lily immediately yanked it out of Avery’s reach, which resulted in a major protest from Avery. Once I settled the location of the plate again, Lily began shoving as much food in her mouth at one time as she could. Of course, anything she didn’t like she promptly spat out on the floor. Avery ate a few bites and returned to playing with Penelope’s awesome drum and drumsticks. Lily took this opening to claim ownership of the plate, by laying in the middle of the floor and basically dumping its contents all over herself. I kept telling the other adults at the party that the girls had just eaten lunch before we left, but I think they all imagined I had starved Lily all day. When I decided to have a cupcake, I ate it in the kitchen so my kids wouldn’t attack me for it. An adorable Shih tzu named Bentley also attended the party. We’ve been trying to acclimate the girls to dogs, but we haven’t been successful yet. Bentley trotted up to Avery while she was jamming with Penelope’s drum. She was beating a nice rhythm with the drumsticks when she saw that Bentley was too close for comfort. She swooped the drumsticks into an X formation in front of her face, giving Bentley a clear sign to back off. Thankfully Bentley moved on before Avery decided to attack. Avery looked up at me with wide eyes, and I praised her for using good defense. After brandishing drumsticks at a small dog and creating a lake of food on Stacie and Nate’s beautiful rug, I decided we best head on home. I’m kind of wondering if we’ll keep getting invited to parties. My little wild ones aren’t quite civilized yet!

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