Redwood Trees

We recently had a wonderful visit from Noel’s mom and aunt, Grandma and Nena, who live in Corpus Christi. They came for five days and got in lots of playing time with Avery and Lily. I think they also enjoyed their time together as sisters. They shared our guestroom and each morning would say how late they stayed up talking and laughing. It gives me great encouragement to see them enjoying each other’s company so much, because they have dramatically different personalities. The older Avery and Lily get, the more I see how different they are. Sometimes I worry that they won’t get along when they’re big, but seeing Grandma and Nena having fun together was very reassuring.

As our girls’ personalities have emerged, I’ve noticed a very interesting phenomenon. People automatically identify themselves with one of the twins, not in physical similarity, but in personality. Even more perplexing is that most people identify with Lily. I’ve been taking note of this for quite a while and find it fascinating. Lily is boisterous, exclaims “Hot Dog,” says “Hi” to everyone she sees, is full of energy, loves music and dancing, is unabashedly in love with Mickey Mouse and asks for him as soon as she wakes up, gives the biggest hugs, but is shy at first even with people she’s met before. She can outrun Avery by a mile but is scared of her when Avery tries to take away her toy! Avery can say just about everything and knows how to say exactly what will get a smile; she would love to sit on someone’s lap all day and have their undivided attention; she likes to figure out new things privately so as not to mess up in front of others; she coyly offers her cheek to be kissed; she loves to open her closet and admire her clothes and will say “Oh Wow!” It’s quite funny to me that so many people look at Lily and see themselves. When I look at my girls, I see myself in both of them. I guess that’s because I’m their mom!

What I really want to write about today is something Noel’s mom said to me when she was here a week ago. She is a quiet woman who does not outwardly show her emotions. She’s deeply caring and would do anything for anyone, but she’s not one for words. We were having coffee, and out of the blue she said one of the most profound statements I’ve ever heard. She had watched a T.V. show about redwood trees. According to the program, redwood trees are the tallest trees on Earth, although their roots are very shallow and even some have roots on top of the ground. Nonetheless, these trees never fall because of their proximity to other redwood trees.  The trees are so close together that the roots of all the trees are interlaced and hold each other up. Then she looked at me and said, “That’s how people should be.” Boom! You could’ve knocked me over with a feather. This woman says a tenth of the words I say in a day, but when she decides to speak, watch out! I’ve been rolling that around in my head for a week. How simple and beautiful. It makes me think of God the Creator. He designed every aspect of nature, and He can use it to teach us how to love one another and how to stand by one another. I’m glad my mother-in-law got to come spend time with her grandbabies, but mainly I’m glad that I got that piece of wisdom.

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